about us

This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had roast beef. This little piggy had none.

On November 2, 2023, a little pink, stuffed pig named “Piggy” was found on the Alabaster Bike Trail in Tawas City.  Initially, her new friend, Paula Straus, cleaned her up and posted her picture on Facebook to see if her owner could be found.  When nobody came forward, Paula found some clothes for Piggy and began taking her on adventures.

Piggy and Paula have been to Traverse City, Glen Arbor, Suttons Bay, East Tawas, Tawas, Oscoda, and Harrisville.  The daily adventures, which have been posted on Facebook, “Tawas Exchange”, have spotlighted small businesses, local activities and clubs.  Additionally, Piggy and Paula like to support the community by attending events at the Senior Centers, Nursing Homes, Library Storytimes, etc. 

Most importantly, Piggy and Paula want to spread the idea that Kindness Matters!  Since November 2nd, the town of Tawas, MI has rallied around Piggy and the residents have enjoyed the stories and pictures that are posted daily.  Several individuals have come out to events that Piggy will be attending, just to get their picture taken and to get an “I Met Piggy” sticker.  It has been so much fun seeing the community unite!

Piggy’s adventures have landed her story in USA Today, Yahoo National News, AOL National News, the Detroit Free Press, the Holland Sentinel, and on WNEM TV-5! 

Going forward, Piggy will spotlight businesses, from time to time, but her major focus will be mental health including: combatting bullying in schools, addressing abuse, supporting those who have been through traumatic events, and promoting kindness.  A 501c3 is being started so that we can reach out to more communities and spread the positivity that Piggy brings.